10 Must Read Thanksgiving Children’s Books

10 Must Read Thanksgiving Children’s Books

It’s hard to believe it’s already November and time to focus on Thanksgiving.

When I hear Thanksgiving, my first thought is delicious food filling me belly. Who can pass up the warm turkey, salty stuffing, tart cranberry sauce… is your mouth watering yet?

The problem is, I feel like we focus so much on the food. We often forget to slow down and really think about what we are thankful for. If it’s hard for adults, believe me, it’s even harder for children to think about.

In this list of 10 Must Read Thanksgiving Children’s Books, I have a mix of hilarious and serious books to really spark your conversation about Thanksgiving and what it really means to be thankful.

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What I love MOST about this books is that it focuses on different things people are thankful for. We don’t have to be thankful for the same things. All of our lives are different, that’s the beauty of it. This book can really start a lot of wonderful conversations with your child. I hope you check it out!

The Littlest Pilgrim

In this adorable book, a girl named Mini is getting frustrated with being told she is too little to do certain things with her family. This could be the perfect book for your youngest to read if they get upset when their are things their older siblings can do that they can’t. It also highlights something so important that no one is too little to do!


The Night Before Thanksgiving

The Night Before Books always make me so happy. It really brings you back to being a kid and all the anticipation that comes with a holiday. Maybe you don’t do all the things in the book, maybe after reading it you’ll want to start! Either way it’s such a fun book to get your whole family excited about Thanksgiving and everything that comes along with it!


Pete The Cat: The First Thanksgiving

Pete has a problem. As cool as he is, he’s nervous to be in the school play about Thanksgiving. Read to see how Pete gets through it, while enjoying a lift-the-flap book your child is sure to love!


Just So Thankful

I’m not sure how you feel, but Little Critter Books have had my heart since I was a little kid. This book is no different. Interestingly enough, Just So Thankful has zero to do with Thanksgiving. It really focuses on emotions when someone has something you want and learning that things aren’t everything.


There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Turkey

This crazy lady is at it again in this hilarious Thanksgiving version of There Was An Old Lady. Looking for a laugh on Thanksgiving? This book is for you!


How To Catch A Turkey

See what happens when a live Turkey is used for a school play! This book will have your whole family laughing!


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Is any holiday really complete without Charlie Brown? You can check out the dvd too!

Turkey Trouble

This Turkey has a problem. It’s Thanksgiving and he does NOT want to be the meal. See what hilarious disguises this turkey uses to get out of being the main course!


Balloons Over Broadway

Learn how this amazing tradition began at The Macy’s Day Parade. The perfect book to read before watching the parade with your child in person, or on TV!

I hope you enjoyed my 10 Must Read Thanksgiving Children’s Books! Did I forget an amazing book? Drop a comment below! 🙂


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.

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