15+ Spring Children’s Books

Spring is always such a fun time. I remember being in 2nd Grade and taking a walk outside with clipboard to write down what we could see, hear, smell, and feel.

Living in PA we have the longest winters and it was always so nice to go outside and see trees budding, hear bird chirping, and smell the difference in the air.

These books capture those feelings!

We hope you love our favorite Spring Children’s Books!

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Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

Calling all Little Blue Truck Fans!!

Celebrate Spring with this beautiful Lift-The-Flap Book!


Worm Weather

This book will take you back to being a kid enjoying a spring rain! Share those experiences with your kids by reading them this book!


Hedgehugs and the Hattipillar

Finn & I just recently read Hedgehugs so when I saw this book – I knew we had to have it! Such an adorable sequel featuring these two best friends navigating their way through spring and all of the exciting new things that it brings!


There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Frog!

This old lady has an interesting appetite! Check out the spring version of this hilarious series!


We Are The Gardeners

Are you thinking of starting a family garden this spring? This is the book for you! This book highlights the ups and downs of working on a garden and the excitement when everything finally comes together!


The Tiny Seed

It can’t be spring without Eric Carle! This book even comes with seed paper to grow your own flower! I had this book in my school library – I’m pretty sure it was donated so I never got to enjoy the seed paper. If you have – comment below with your story about it!


Let It Rain

This book highlight when the snow FINALLY melts and spring is here! So much fun!


Surprising Spring

Spring is always full of exciting things to look and new surprises. This book highlights the new colors and growth during springtime!


Such a cool pop-up books and they highlight flowers, animals, bugs, the colors of spring, and more!

Bear Wants More

See what happens when Bear comes out of hibernation and wants to eat!

The Thing About Spring

If you have a munchkin that isn’t ready for winter to be over – this book is for you!

Springtime Babies

Who doesn’t love a Little Golden Book? This book highlights all of the new babies in spring!


Everything Spring

Are you looking to show your little one vibrate photographs of spring? Check out Everything Spring!



In the book, it shows how differently children and adults feel about rain. An amazing book if you need a reminder of how you felt as a kid when it rained!



A Walk Through the Woods

Take a walk through the woods in this gorgeous book that features animals waiting for spring to come!


When Spring Comes

Such a great book to show your little how the world transforms from winter to spring. Everything is pretty boring to look at in the winter, unless it’s a brand new snow. This book shows the change from the bare outdoors to the bright colors and beauty spring brings us every year!


and then it’s spring

When a young boy and his dog are tired of winter they decide to make a garden.



Mouse’s First Spring

Find out what happens on the first day this adorable mouse enjoys spring!



Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

This book makes me smile. It features everything that we can see happening above the ground when things grow, but it also shows how animals and bugs enjoy everything that’s around and under the dirt. A must read!

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We hope you love our Spring Books List! Did we miss a book? Comment below!

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