Month: February 2019

children's book lists

15+ St. Patrick’s Day Children’s Books

St. Patrick’s Day has changed a lot for me since my early 20’s. What used to involve day drinking green beer has turned into leprechaun trapping, gold finding, and rainbow making. Sound familiar? Growing up, my parents really didn’t do anything big for St. Patrick’s Day. I might have had a special treat of lucky […]

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crafts & activites
crafts & activities

4 Toddler Painting Activities With Little to No-Mess

Do you dread busting out the paints for your toddler or child? Are you already mentally preparing yourself for extra clean up in an already messy house? Are you picturing paint everywhere? Sometimes it’s really hard to justify making an EXTRA mess when you still have baskets of laundry to fold and put away, a […]

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children's book lists
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15+ Children’s Books to Teach Your Child About Sharks

I have been in love with sharks ever since I was a little girl. There is just something about them that has always fascinated me. The way they glide through the water, hunt, their senses, and just how the have survived on our earth all this time. They are pretty special. Don’t get me wrong, […]

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