25+ Valentine’s Day Children’s Books

25+ Valentine’s Day Children Books

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and as a student and a teacher, Valentine’s Day was always my favorite classroom party. When I was a kid I loved writing out Valentine’s and giving them to my friends and crushes. As a teacher I loved watching my students experience this. You better believe when my son is in elementary school and he has a Valentine’s Day Party, I’ll be there!!

Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday for kids. Why you ask? Because they think love is gross.

I promise you, I have never heard louder ewwwws and laughs out of my students than when I read them a book about someone being in love. It’s hilarious.

Whether your child is in elementary school already or is still a toddler like mine, I can promise you that the whole family will be full of belly laughs when reading these books. It’s not even so much the content being funny, it’s the kids’ reactions that take it over the top.

Below you will find 25+ Valentine’s Day Children’s Books I read to my students every year, a few new ones I picked up for my son, and as always, my wish list! Enjoy!

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Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink

Gilburt doesn’t want to say anything nice to kids in his class that pick on him. See what happens when he writes not-so-nice notes to both of them!


Huggy Kissy 

See how this adorable baby is shown love. Perfect for toddlers on Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

If you love this mouse, this book is a must read.


Pete the Cat Valentine’s Day Is Cool

At first Pete the Cat doesn’t think Valentine’s Day is very cool but then he realizes all of the special cats he has in his life. Such a cute book!


Love Monster

Follow this Monster on his search for love in this adorable story!


The Biggest Valentine Ever

Clayton and Desmond are back at it again in this book. These two friends are arguing over the valentine they are creating. See if they can get along to make The Biggest Valentine Ever!


There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose

The Old Lady is back with her weird eating habits! This time she’s craving valentine’s day things! Get ready to laugh out loud!


Splat the Cat Funny Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day and Splat wants to give a secret present to someone really special. See if he can pull it off with this adorable Lift-The-Flap Book!


The Yuckiest Stinkiest Best Valentine Ever

See how Leon handles having a crush in this hilarious book!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Little Critter

The perfect book to read leading up to your child’s classroom party! Experience Valentine’s Day with Little Critter! I have loved Little Critter Books since I was a little girl. I love introducing these books to my son.


Love, Splat

Splat has a crush on a girl in his class but his rival Spike also has the same crush. See what happens when Splat gives her a special valentine!

The Night Before Valentine’s Day

These books make you remember what it feels like to be a kid before a holiday!


Pete the Cat’s Groovy Guide to Love

Pete the Cat shares some groovy words from the heart in this fun collection of all his favorite famous quotes about living an awesome life filled with love.


Junie b. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine

I had to toss a Junie B. Jones in here. I loved reading chapter books to my class. Whenever we had downtime or if we finished something early they always begged me to bust out our Junie B book. This is such a hilarious book to read to your child at anytime throughout the day. Chapter books help them work on their visualization skills!


I Love You Just Like This!

This was on my wish list but I picked it up today. I couldn’t resist. Such a sweet book to express to your little one how much your love them!

Happy Love Day, Daniel Tiger

If you kiddo is a Daniel Tiger fan like mine, check out Happy Love Day, Daniel Tiger!


How to Get A Girlfriend

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a Valentine’s Day Book but it’s one of my favorites. This book was written by a group of boys in kindergarten and it is hilarious. If you want your class to or your child to laugh out loud, check this one out!


Happy Valentine’s Day Curious George!

Curious George never disappoints! See how George celebrates Valentine’s Day!


Snuggle Puppy

Such a sweet book to read to your child year round but definitely a cute one for Valentine’s Day!


Our Valentine’s Day Book Wish List is Below!!









I hope you enjoyed our favorite Valentine’s Day Children’s Books!

If I missed any of your favorites, comment below! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.

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