4 Toddler Painting Activities With Little to No-Mess

Do you dread busting out the paints for your toddler or child?

Are you already mentally preparing yourself for extra clean up in an already messy house?

Are you picturing paint everywhere?

Sometimes it’s really hard to justify making an EXTRA mess when you still have baskets of laundry to fold and put away, a sink full of dishes, and a floor to scrub. How can you add more to your daily plate of responsibilities that rarely are completed on a normal day? If you feel like this – I’m hoping to give you a stress free way to paint with your child!

I’m always on the hunt for new activities and as I was shopping one day for 2nd birthday party supplies, I can across a Sesame Street Paint With Water Book. I haven’t even thought about a paint with water book since I was a little girl but I remembered loving them. I brought it home and it was an instant hit with my son.

Since then I have also discovered amazing Melissa & Doug Painting With Water Activities as well as Crayola products that you don’t even need water for! We still use regular paint and crack up while we do it, but this is a fun, clean alternative!

Below I am showing you our favorite products so far as well as some tips that can make this an even easier activity than it already is!

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Paint with Water Books

There is a chance of a little mess with the paint with water books because there is actual color on the pages.
I have some super amazing tips to have as little mess as possible at the end of this section!

Perfect for the Sesame Street Lover in you life!

The Elmo Paint with Water Book was the first one I tried out with my 2 year old! These do not come with paint brushes.


We love about everything Melissa & Doug in this house.

Amazing quality.

What I love most about this is the fact that it even comes with a paintbrush!


Perfect for the kiddos into vehicles!

Paintbrush included!


Pirates, Space, Construction and MORE?! I’m sold already!

Paintbrush included!


Cheerleaders, flowers, fairies, and more!!!

Paintbrush included!


A couple of these items come in sets…

Paint with Water Books with Spill-Proof Palettes

The amazing feature on these Paint With Water Books is that kids can be creative and choose their own colors for the painting instead of the pre-set colors!

Fun Farm Animals!

Paintbrush included.


Garden Theme!

Paintbrush included.


Vehicle Theme!

Paintbrush included.


Awesome Sets



Tips for LESS MESS

1. Lay down wax paper if your child is using the painting sheets on a table or the floor.
2. Use a bowl that has suction on the bottom for the water so your child can’t dump it out, which would create a huge mess!
3. Instead of using a bowl of water, give them a wet paper towel to push their paintbrush into. The sheets work better when they aren’t sopping in water!


If you’re looking for literally ZERO mess – check out these amazing options below!


Crayola Color Wonder Paint

These paint pens ONLY paint on this special Crayola Paper!


Color Wonder Finger Paint – So Cool!


Paint set!


Awesome Paw Patrol Set!



Water Reveal Pads

Okay, these are the coolest things ever.

I just recently bought one for Finn and I used it myself for 15 minutes before I even handed it over.

The only downside is you don’t get to be creative with color – everything is built in.

They are STILL so much fun!

A few products use paint pens instead of paint brushes! Check them out!







We hope you love our 4 Toddler Painting Activities With Little to No Mess!!


Ideas to add? Comment below! 🙂

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