10+ Children’s Books All About Pets

National Pet Day is April 11th – so I thought we could celebrate with an amazing list of Children’s Books!

Hopefully, you think of your pet like we do. They are and will always be 100% part of our family. Pets are such special companions that have such an impact on our lives.

Also, did you know that pets are wonderful listeners for your munchkins to read to? If your child is still a toddler like mine, start modeling this now by reading to your pet together! This way, when they are readers they have someone to practice reading to if you’re busy!

We hope you love our list of Children’s Books that celebrate pets!

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Strictly No Elephants

Doesn’t this picture just pull at your heart strings?

It’s Pet Club Day and elephants are not allowed. Read to see how this little boy and elephant show The Pet Club what the true meaning of a friend and friendship is.


Not Norman: A Goldfish Story

Not Norman has been one of my favorite children’s books for years.

I shared it with my son last night and now I get to share it with you!

Not Norman is a story about finding the good in something you never knew that you wanted!

Norman isn’t the pet that this little boy had in mind. He wanted something he could actually enjoy and play with. Every time he tries to trade Norman in for a different pet at the pet store, something comes up and stops him from making it before closing.

Will this little boy start to appreciate Norman as the days go on? Read Not Norman to find out!


The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!

One of my absolute favorite Pigeon books is, The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!

If you are familiar with Pigeon books, you know this guy is always trying to bend the rules and talk you into letting him do something he shouldn’t be doing.

In this hilarious book, the Pigeon is trying to convince you that he should have a puppy. He’s a puppy loving Pigeon... or is he?


Can I Be Your Dog?

Meet Arfy, a home-less mutt who lives alone in an alley. He writes letters to everyone on the block explaining what a great catch he is, but no one wants him. Will Afry ever find a home? Read this heart warming book to find out!


What Pet Should I Get?

This book captures what happens when it’s time to pick a pet. Such a fun and exciting time – but also a big decision!


Just Me And My Puppy

Follow Little Critter on all his adventures with his puppy!

Harry the Dirty Dog

Harry hates taking baths. After a day of adventures, avoiding a bath, Harry isn’t a white dog with black spots anymore. Harry is now a black dog with white spots. What will happen when his family doesn’t recognize him?


The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash

The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash by Trinka Hakes Noble was one of my favorite books to hear at bedtime.

Jimmy brings his boa constrictor to his field trip at the farm. What could possibly go wrong?


I Wanna Iguana

I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman is the adorable story about a little boy writing his mom notes about why he believes he deserves to have an Iguana as a pet. Check out this adorable book to see what she says in return!


Pet Rescue

Join the Berenstain Family and they learn the importance of animal shelters and adopting pets. They might even get to help someone pick out a new pet!


Always In Trouble

Toby is Always In Trouble! He’s often lays in clean laundry, brings mud in the house, digs in the yard, and gets into the garbage. Will dog training school help him? Read to find out!


Oh, the Pets You Can Get!

Follow that Cat in The Hat as he teaches you how to keep your pets safe, happy, and healthy!

Officer Buckle And Gloria

I know this isn’t a traditional “pet book” but I had to throw it in this list.

Officer Buckle gives safety speeches at school but the students are bored and don’t pay attention. That is, until he starts bringing Gloria. Read to see how Gloria transforms Office Buckles show into a complete hit! This book teaches how friends can learn to forgive each other even when their feelings are hurt and how pets simply make our lives better!


We hope you love our 10+ Children’s Books All About Pets!

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