How To Make Magic Reindeer Food

How To Make Magic Reindeer Food

When I was a little kid and it was time to put out Santa’s cookies, I was always taught not to forget about the reindeer.

Every year, next to Santa’s plate, there were either carrots, an apple, some oats, or all three.

My first year teaching, I was a first grade teacher. You could imagine my surprise when my students told me that they had never left out any food for Santa’s Reindeer. After our discussion, I realized, that this would be such a fun activity to do at school and definitely something I didn’t want to add to their parents’ plate!

I started checking out Pinterest and I can’t honestly tell you where I found my first recipe, but I know I have tweaked it over the years to make it my own.

My goal was always simple: Start a fun tradition with my students without spending a ton of money.

Below you will find my super inexpensive Magic Reindeer Food Recipe along with all the supplies you’ll need to start this fun tradition with your children or students! I am even including a free printable poem that tells the story of why Magic Reindeer Food is important for Santa and his reindeer!


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What You Need:

What To Do:

  1. Pour about 1/3 of your bag of sugar into your big mixing bowl. Add about 5-10 drops of the food coloring of your choice. You’ll notice the food coloring just makes colored clumps. You have to use your mixing spoon to break up those clumps so the color spreads to all of the sugar. If you want the color to be darker, add a few extra drops! Mix until all the sugar is a nice, even color.
  2. Transfer this first batch into one of the 4 bowls your child will be scooping from.
  3. Clean out your mixing bowl and spoon so none of the food coloring bleeds into your new batch of sugar.
  4. Pour about the same amount of sugar into your mixing bowl. Add your food coloring. Mix. Transfer to a bowl.
  5. Pour your remaining white sugar into a bowl. (If you want to add another color – do it!)
  6. Fill up your 4th bowl with oats.
  7. Put a spoon in each bowl.
  8. Open the cinnamon so it’s ready to go.

How To Make It:

When I taught kindergarten I gave them the formula for The Magic Reindeer Food.

This was because I was doing the activity with 24 kids at a time (48 total after we switched classes for our Christmas activities) and I had to keep it organized.

My formula was: 6 scoops oats, 4 scoops red “sprinkles”, 4 scoops green “sprinkles”, 4 scoops white sugar, and 3 dashes of cinnamon. You put these in the ziplock bag, seal it, and then place it in the paper bag. I have attached a free printable below that you can put in the bag or staple to the bag if you wish!

If you are doing this at home with your family, honestly, let them go crazy with it! It’s so much fun! They can make their own formula and decisions on what they think the reindeer want/need the most of! Let them make it their own!

Ideas on When to Make it:

  1. Children’s Christmas Party
  2. Preschool Classroom
  3. School Christmas Party
  4. Classroom the week before Christmas
  5. Christmas Craft Day
  6. Weekend in with the family
  7. ANYTIME 🙂

Be CrEaTiVe: Add your own extra ingredients!!


Below you will find my FREE printable that can be attached to the Reindeer Food Bag or you can use as a fun thing to read each year before you sprinkle your lawn!

I hope you love this activity and have so much fun with it!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.


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