Super Simple Handprint Cactus

My son and I were so inspired to make cacti after reading Nobody Hugs A Cactus!

You don’t have to read the book to do this activity, but it’s definitely a fun connection to make!

The cool thing about this activity is that you can make it as plain or as extra as you want!

You’ll be using your child’s handprint so you can have their fingers be the spikes or you can add more with markers, crayons, or forks. You can even use tissue paper to add flowers!

Check out what we did below, but remember, you can always make it your own!

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What You Need:

Visit Crayola!

Quick Tip: Use a piece of card stock or a manilla folder to trace your munchkin’s hand once to make a template. You can then use the template so you don’t have to have your child sit through getting their hand traced a bunch of times. You can also trace it once, stack up a few sheets of paper or fold them in half. That way, you can cut one more than 1 handprint at a time!

What To Do:

  1. Trace your munchkin’s hand to make the body of the cactus. You make as many handprints as you want. We used 4 for our creation. 2 dark green and 2 light green.
  2. Depending on their age – decide who cuts them out.
  3. Draw a pot shape on brown construction paper. Cut it out.
  4. I laid out the handprints and put the pot on top of the bottom one so it looks like the cactus is in the pot. Don’t glue until you have everything situated so you know it fits.
  5. Glue down hand prints.
  6. Glue on pot.
  7. Make a color palette or dark green, light green, and white on a plate.
  8. Have your child dip their fork in the paint and model how to make the cactus spines
  9. While the spines are drying, you can start on the flowers.
  10. Take tissue paper and have your child roll it in a ball. Make as many as you want!
  11. Decide where you want the flowers to go and glue down.
  12. Ta-da! You have your very own handprint cactus!!


We hope you love your Handprint Cactus!!!

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