The Best Board Book Series for Toddlers

Discovering the Hello, World Series last weekend was so exciting!

They are a series of heavy-duty board books that are bright, colorful, informative, and so much fun!

The author, Jill McDonald, does an amazing job at creating books that hold toddlers attention and teach them SO much too.

My 2 year old was actually the one who discovered these books at the book store. We bought 2, one about the ocean and the other about space. I went home and immediately went on to Amazon and bought almost all of the rest of the series as well as pre-ordered one of the new books coming out soon!

Below you will find the board books we own, as well as all of the other ones available. I have added books to pre-order also in it’s own section. We hope you and your family love them as much as we do!

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Hello, World! Ocean Life

This amazing book highlights the oceans neatest animals! Not only do you see vibrant under the sea pictures, but you learn so much too!


Hello, World! Solar System

My son is constantly talking about planets and space after us reading this book! Explore the solar system in this fantastic toddler board book!

Hello, World! Weather 

Weather can sometimes be tricky to teach a toddler. This books makes it a breeze! It highlights the type of weather we can have and what clothes are needed to go outside!


Hello, World! Backyard Bugs

What an awesome book to read in spring or summer about the cool bugs that we share the outdoors with!

Hello, World! Birds 

Birds are the same in some ways, but SO different in others. Learn about all different types of birds in this colorful book!

Hello, World! Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are life in this house! Such a fun way to teach your child about dinosaurs and their characteristics!


Hello, World! My Body

Little ones can ask a lot of questions about their body. Use this book to explain or kick-start your conversations!


Hello, World! How Do Apples Grow?

What an awesome way for little ones to experience how apples grow! This book shows the process from start to finish!


Hello, World! Books to Pre-Order


Hello World! Moon Landing

Available June 4, 2019


Hello, World! Pets

Available October 8, 2019


Hello, World! Arctic Animals

Available October 8, 2019

We hope you love this book series!

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