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Crab Cake: Turning The Tide Together

When I first read Crab Cake: Turning The Tide Together, I thought it was going to be a silly story about a crab that bakes, and it is, but it’s so much more than that!

This book teaches kindness, teamwork, and friendship, on top of sending a message to humans on this earth. Basically, we need to do better! We need to work together by not only keeping our earth safe for us, but for all other living things as well!


The Sun Shines Everywhere

The Sun Shines Everywhere by Mary Ann Hoberman and Illustrated by Luciano Lozano is a definite must read for Earth Day or any day!

I love that this book celebrates different animals, times throughout history, people, and cultures. The illustrations are beautiful and it really puts into perspective how amazing our sun really is!


Nobody Hugs A Cactus

Nobody Hugs A Cactus by Carter Goodrich is a story that will definitely pull at your heart strings.

This new release is about a cactus named Hank who loves being alone. Or does he?

This book is recommended This book is recommended for ages 4-6 but my two year old absolutely loved it. He even hugged it, twice! We loved it so much that we were inspired to make, Hank!

Check out Nobody Hugs A Cactus as well as our awesome handprint craft inspired by the book!


High Five

High Five by Adam Rubin and Illustrated by Daniel Salmieri is a must read for the kid in your life that LOVES high fives!

My son is completely obsessed with giving people he knows (and sometimes people he doesn’t know – eeeek) high fives! When I saw this book was going to be a new release I knew had to pre-order it!

The best part about this book? It’s completely interactive. It’s not other characters giving each other high fives, it’s your child giving the characters high fives!

Sensei was the greatest high fiver giver in his day, but now he’s looking for a human to train for the competition. See, a human has never won before! Will your child be the first one? Your child will train with Sensei to see if they can beat a bear, kangaroo, lizard, elephant, and an octopus to win the 75th Annual High Five Championship!

Check out this hilarious and super colorful children’s book!!




Cake by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet has quickly become our family’s favorite book!

Cake is invited to his first birthday party!

When he goes shopping, he makes sure that he finds the most perfect hat for the occasion!

Cake was having so much fun at the party until it was time to sing happy birthday.

Read this hilarious books to see what happens to Cake and all of the other food “guests” at the party! 


Peanut Butter & Cupcake!

I love everything about this book!

Peanut Butter & Cupcake by Terry Border is an adorable story about a boy, Peanut Butter.

He receives a soccer ball for his birthday and wants to play with a friend but because he is new in town, he doesn’t have any.

Follow Peanut Butter on his hilarious quest to find a friend.

He might even just run into a Hamburger walking Hot Dogs and a Meatball Jump roping with a piece of spaghetti!

Amazing photographs brings this story to life!

Check out Peanut Butter & Cupcake today!!



Not Norman: A Goldfish Story

Not Norman has been one of my favorite children’s books for years.

I shared it with my son last night and now I get to share it with you!

Not Norman is a story about finding the good in something you never knew that you wanted!

Norman isn’t the pet that this little boy had in mind. He wanted something he could actually enjoy and play with. Every time he tries to trade Norman in for a different pet at the pet store, something comes up and stops him from making it before closing.

Will this little boy start to appreciate Norman as the days go on? Read Not Norman to find out!


Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon 

Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell and Illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, David Catrow is an amazing book about a little girl with a big imagination.

Molly Lou Melon has so many toys but she was taught by her grandmother how to make her own out of everyday things. You see, Molly Lou Melon’s Grandma didn’t have fancy and expensive toys back in the olden days.

She didn’t have dolls so she made them out of flower, twigs, and leaves.

Her grandmother didn’t have a doll house so she made one in her backyard.

She didn’t have a TV so she watched the clouds in the sky.

Molly Lou Melon loved doing all of these things also, even though she had all the fancy toys a little girl could want. When a new girl moves in next door Molly Lou Melon amazes her with the fact that an imagination is more fun than any expensive toy.

Such a fun book to read with little ones and big ones to inspire them to have a little more imagination and a little less tv, screen time, and expensive toys!


Are We Still Friends?

Are We Still Friends by Ruth Horowitz and Illustrated by Blanca Gomez is a sweet story about two friends who get into a big fight.

Beatrice and Able are next door neighbors and the best of friends. Able grows apples and Beatrice raises bees. In the summer they harvest all of Able’s apples and in the fall they gather sweet honey. In the winter, they sip warm tea with honey and eat apple butter. Life is good.

Then one spring day, everything changes.

Able gets stung by one of Beatrice’s bees and yells out in pain. Beatrice thinks he’s making a funny noise and laughs.

Instead of communicating and talking it out, they start calling each other names and end their friendship.

Will Able and Beatrice work it out and be friends again?

Read this amazing book to your little one to teach them the power of friendship, teamwork, and just saying you’re sorry. 


Chicken Lips

There is just something about cows when you are a little kid.

Chicken Lips by Kristy Hamby is an adorable story about a cow named, Chicken Lips. Poor Chicken Lips is getting made fun of for his name so he sets out on a quest to find out why he was named something so silly. Meet some amazing barnyard friends on the way as Chicken Lips discovers that everything about him as a cow makes him special, including his name!

The perfect book to teach little ones and bigger ones that they should be proud of who they are as a person!

Check it out!!


Monster’s New Undies

Monster’s New Undies by Samantha Berger is a hilarious, roll on the floor, belly laughing book.

A little monster has grown out of his favorite pair of undies. His mom wants to take him to buy more and he refuses until his favorite pair tears. At the undie store this little monster is having a really hard time finding something he likes.

Will he ever find undies he is happy with?

Read this hysterical book to find out! 


Those Pesky Rabbits

Those Pesky Rabbits by Ciara Flood has quickly become one of my most favorite books – ever!

Bear lives alone in the middle of nowhere and that’s exactly how he likes it.

One day a family of rabbits build a house right next door to his. Needless to say, he isn’t very pleased.

The rabbits keep bothering him by asking him for different things like honey, help with cutting firewood, to swap books with them, and more.

Bear has enough and tells them to leave him alone, in not so nice way.

Can an act of kindness from the rabbits change the way bear thinks? Can he learn to be kind too? Read Those Pesky Rabbits to find out! I promise you won’t be disappointed! 



Counting Dinos 

Are you starting to introduce counting to your munchkin or are they obsessed with counting everything like mine? Either way, Counting Dinos is the perfect book for your dinosaur lover!

Each page is filled with bright colorful pictures that highlight one number at a time. You don’t just count dinosaurs, you’re counting teeth, eyes, legs, bugs, fish, and more!

Read along as the dinosaurs work together to count to 10!

BONUS: There are two pages at the end of the book that teaches you about each dinosaur and creature that was in the book! I hope you love it as much as we do!




I am so in love with the lesson that is taught with this book.

Gaston is a part of a family full of puppies that are always taught to be prim and proper. He is always working hard to fit in but everything takes him a little bit longer to master, if he does at all.

You see, it’s very clear that Gaston is a bulldog and his siblings are poodles.

One day, Gaston’s family goes to the park and runs into another dog family. He notices that this family is full of bulldogs and one poodle named Antionette. It’s obvious to the parents that there must have been a mix up.

Gaston and Antionette decide to switch families.

The new families definitely look right, but they don’t feel right in their hearts.

Read this story that teaches that family is about love, not about what you look like!

A must read also check out the book that features Antionette!

Check out this adorable Gaston stuffed animal!



Pug Meets Pig

Has it been hard teaching your child to compromise, be kind, or to share? If so, then this is the PERFECT book for you!

Pug meets Pig starts off with an adorable Pug loving life. He has the whole yard, bowl, and a cozy bed all to himself.

Then, Pig move in. Pig starts messing up his daily routine, eating from his bowl, and even sleeping in his cozy bed!

How will these two learn to live together happily? Read Pug meets Pig to find out! 




Goldilocks and Just One Bear

Wouldn’t it be so neat to be able to share with your child what happened AFTER Goldilocks ran out of the Bears house? Well guess what? Now you can!

In this super funny sequel to Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Little Bear is all grown up and he is lost in a big city. He isn’t a fan of all of the lights and how busy it is. He’s convinced that if he could just get some rest he would feel better and could find his way home.

See what happens when he ends up in an apartment away from the noise of the big city. He might even just run into someone from his past!

Leigh Hodgkinson really brings this sequel alive with bright, detailed pictures and a truly hilarious story.

This is a sequel you do not want to miss.


I Need a Hug

I Need a Hug is written by Aaron Blabey the creator of PIG the PUG.

This book has turned into one of our must read before bed, bedtime stories. It’s short but so sweet and funny.

It starts with a porcupine asking a rabbit for a hug. Of course the rabbit is horrified because, can you imagine hugging a porcupine? Animal after animal come around and the poor porcupine still can’t find anyone to give it a hug. After a super silly turn of events, the porcupine might just actually meet someone willing to give it a try!

Check out this adorable book about friendship that teaches you that you shouldn’t always judge a book by it’s cover. 



Cuddly Critters for little GENIUSES 

Okay, so I bought this book for my son TODAY (3.13.19) and I had to share it with you!

We are super into animal books lately but it feels like every book we look at features the same type of animals over and over. We love cows, but how many cows can we really look at?

In this book, Cuddly Critters for little GENIUSES, the authors Susan and James Patterson take you BEYOND the regular animals that books are always teaching us about.

There are three sections – Flyers, Swimmers, and Crawlers. In each section there are tons of exciting, unusual, and interesting animals to learn about!

For example, in the Flyers section your child will learn about the sunset moth, royal flycatcher, potoo, lovebirds, and MORE.

In Swimmers you see irrawaddy dolphins (say what?), the blanket octopus, the blue dragon, and so much more.

In Crawlers you’ll meet tonkin monkeys, the blue poison dark frog, the pangolin, the chinchilla, and beyond!

Go check it out and let me know what you think about it by leaving a comment below! Happy Reading & Learning!


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