The Best Play-Doh Sets For Your Busy Toddler

Play-Doh has always been one of my absolute favorite things to play with as a kid. I could not wait until my son was old enough to try it out. I had been patiently waiting till he was 2, which is the recommended age, but around 21 months I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to see if he could handle playing with it, without eating it. I thought about just buying a few cans and trying those out, but that’s when I came across a bunch of Play-Doh sets made for 2 years + instead of the usual 3+ sets I have seen in the past.

We started with the learning colors/shapes set and then just went crazy with Play-Doh sets after that!

           He did so well with these 2+ sets and his most favorite thing was to make pasta with one of the utensils in the Play-Doh Academy set. When I was searching for birthday presents for him, I came across the Play-Doh Noodle Making Mania Set and knew I just had to get it for him. I realized it was 3+ but figured we would give it a try anyways. It was a complete hit!

How COOL is this? We made PENNE pasta!

The biggest thing I’ve noticed with age recommendations is that either it’s due to the fact that they won’t fully understand how to use the toy or it has unsafe small pieces. With the Play-Doh Noodle Making Mania the only thing is really understanding how to use the molds which can be easily taught or you can do everything together. There was nothing super tiny that I was worried about my son choking on either. Make sure to ALWAYS check for tiny pieces.

Here is the thing – you are an expert on your child. You know what they can or can not handle. As much as we love playing Play-Doh, this is a mama and me activity for us. I would never trust him to play alone. I know it would be imbedded in my couch, lost, dried out, or I’m sure eaten.

Below I am posting about our absolute favorite Play-Doh Sets (this dude scored so many new sets for his birthday) and some that are definitely on our wish-list for the future. I am organizing them by age recommendation so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for! Remember – it is your responsibility to find what works for your kiddo.

Snakes are life!

We hope you love these sets as much as we do!

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Play-Doh Sets 2+

Play-Doh Shape & Learn – Colors and Shapes 

This was the FIRST Play-Doh set I tried with my son and he absolutely loved it. This set teaches colors and shapes in such a fun way. I recommend keeping the paper sheets tucked away until you and your kiddo are ready to actually use them. They bend and tear easily.


Play-Doh Shape & Learn – Letters and Language 

This is a set that Finn got for Christmas but we are really just digging into now since it has letter stamps. If your child is into just playing and molding I would hold off on this one a bit because it can be slightly overwhelming even for the parent. My son is a bit wild and at first the letter stamps just went flying. He’s now used to play-doh and super into his letters so he enjoys taking his time now!


Play-Doh Shape & Learn – Textures & Tools

This is one of our favorites. Awesome tools and fun sheets to work on!



Play-Doh Shape & Learn – Numbers & Counting

I had worksheets like this when I taught kindergarten for math centers. Such an amazing set for learning numbers and how to count!


Play-Doh Academy Activity Case

This Activity Case is amazing. It has a ton of animal cutters and vehicle molds. It comes with neat backgrounds and scenes to add your creations into!

BONUS: It comes with a case to hold everything!


Our FAVORITE Play-Doh Sets 3+


Play-Doh Noodle Makin Mania Set

This set is so much fun! My son is obsessed with eating pasta and making it out of Play-Doh! The possibilities are endless and every inch of pasta maker and it’s accessories are used for creating new things. My favorite is the penne pasta filter. It looks so real you could eat it! I had to have a big talk with my guy about this set because it makes Play-Doh look like REAL food and I knew he would want to munch on it!


Play-Doh Kitchen Creations – Grocery Goodies

We got this set for Finn’s birthday and it’s amazing. You can make almost anything you would find at a grocery store from a carton of eggs to a t-bone steak. So much fun!

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Burger Barbecue

Funny enough my son will not touch a burger but that doesn’t stop him from making one out of play-doh! This is definitely one of the smaller sets but a plus side is it’s a lot easier to store. It’s also one of the cheapest sets also! It’s a nice one to add to a birthday present for an inexpensive toy!


Play-Doh Sesame Street Shape ‘N Play Friends Sesame Street

We opened this up today! Super cute and more accessories than I originally thought! This has a bunch of shape cookie cutters, character stamps, and more! Finn really got a kick out of making the character finger puppets! Wonderful for that Sesame Street lover in your life!


Play-Doh Construction Fun 

Okay, when your husband is a carpenter, this is a MUST BUY! Finn actually was lucky enough to get this from one of his friends at his birthday party and it’s so cool! We haven’t exactly got into building a house yet – but using the tools in the play-doh is so much fun!


Play-Doh Play-Date Party Crate 

Play-Date Party Crate at Finn’s Birthday Party!

This is my FAVORITE purchase ever from Play-Doh. It has everything you could ever want in a set. It’s perfect for play dates or birthday parties, which is where we used it! It has cutters, stamps, plates, forks, servers, play-doh, and SO MUCH MORE!


Play-Doh Wish List

How cool is this pizza party set?


Finn loves learning about the ocean. This is definitely one we want in the future!


I love that this comes with an oven. So much fun!


This an amazing play-doh chef set – complete with apron and burners!


Okay – I might just want this one!!


This is like the ultimate chef set! I can’t wait to start cooking with this one!


This frozen treats set looks amazing! I would probably wait a bit on this one because I can totally see my 2 year old eating those tiny “sprinkles”


Huge Sets of Play-Doh

These sets above are amazing – but they usually come with tiny tubs of play-doh. It’s always great to have a bunch of colors or options when playing. Maybe you don’t want to start with a set and you just want your toddler to explore! Check out these options below!

2 oz  cans- 10 pack

3 oz cans – 36 pack

3 oz cans – 24 pack

3 oz cans – 6 sparkle and 8 pastel colors

3 oz cans – 20 pack

4 oz cans – 12 all together

We hope you love the Play-Doh sets that we have shared with you! Did we forget one that you love? Comment below! 🙂

Happy Molding & Check Back SOON For New Sets!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.

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